Out there : Oceans of Time

Manage your ship and resources in Out There: Oceans of Time

In our previous posts, we shocased several spaceships you will find in Out There: Oceans of Time

Today, let’s see how to manage our spaceships from the inside! Let’s head to the cargo!

Your spaceship requires a management of resources to help you survive in space. At the same time, you need to manage your crew and make sure they are happy. Finally, it is important to aim to improve the technologies inside the ship.

What are those resources and what are they used for?

First, your crew needs oxygen. Garden Planets are quite an easy resource to find it as they are full of it.

Secondly, to travel further, your ship will need to fuel. When running low, create some using  Hydrogen or Helium. You can find those elements on Gaz Planets and stars.

Finally, as you travel, your space ship will get damaged. To continue on your voyage you will have to repair it by using Iron. You will find Iron on Rock Planets.

You will need all those resources and more to continue your space travel. It is crucial to manage them as the difficulty will increase and those resources become more valuable as the story progresses.  You will also need to pay attention to the space they take on your spaceship, as you have a limited amount of slots in it.


Resources aren’t the only thing you will need to keep an eye on. On the other side, you will need to satisfy the needs of your crew: their morale and comfort.
It is a new feature compared to Out There.
Comfort influences your crew’s morale: the better, the merrier they will be. If morale is too low, some crew members will leave , creating unpredictable events that might affect your travel.

To increase comfort, you will need to construct modules such as the Relaxation Pod, the Regular Cabin or the Mess hall. This will allow your crew to gather together around a good meal with galactic views. 

To create those modules, you will need to find blueprints of them. Stock the necessary materials and construct them on specific slots of your spaceship. You can also disassemble them and repair them.

Now, you know how to manage your resources and crew! However there is one last crucial element to consider in your ship: technologies.
They work like modules however they add a new functionality to the ship, such as: the ability to travel further thanks to the Subspace Reactor, prob Rock Planets and Garden Planets with the Driller or gather resources from stars with the Ultraprobe.
They will be helpful to continue your journey through galaxies.

Some of those technologies can be upgraded when they are placed next to one another creating a Synergy effect. Keep in mind the specific arrangement of technologies might create new ones and make them better. Interplanetary Propulsion is most effective when placed next to Solar Sails. Same for Shield Generator which is more resistant adjacent to Void Fluctuation Projector.


In Out There: Oceans of Time you will find mechanics from Out There with some brand new ones such as crew management and modules.

Will you be able to manage your spaceship and crew?

Find out this Spring!

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