Out there : Oceans of Time

Spaceships in Out There: Oceans of Time

Let’s discover some of the ships from Out There: Oceans of Time

After our articles about the biomes, Nyx, Sergei and finally the Archon, we continue our travels about Out There: Oceans of Time with an article focusing on another very important aspect of the game – spaceships.

First and foremost, Out There: Oceans of Time is a space exploration game. Taking this into account, our team has developed several unique designs for your cosmic travels.

You will acquire them through several means: the main story quest, unique events and doing your space exploration.

Today, let’s unravel some of those spaceships that will allow you to achieve your mission in Out There: Oceans of Time.


The Glider

This small basic spaceship is made out of a fragile hull. However, it is a speedy and performant one. Thanks to it, you will conquer the universe, explore new planets and meet new aliens.

The Manta

As the story progresses, you will obtain new performing spaceships, such as the Manta. Very similar to the basic spaceship, it is weaker. However, it is more spacious which will allow you to gather more companions for your adventure.


The Cube

The Cube spaceship is very different. Bigger and even more spacious, it will allow you to keep more ressources. Nonetheless, it requires more resources to function which means more gestion.

The Vanguard

Another spaceship you will find: the Vanguard.

It is the spaceship Nyx used to escort the Archon to the Mausoleum of Eternity. Gigantic spaceship, it can transport a huge amount of resources and numerous advanced technology tools.

This is a sample of all the possible spaceship you will be able to make yours in Out There: Oceans of Time. There are many more to discover so stay tuned for more of them!

There is still so much more to uncover in Out There: Oceans of Time, we will soon come back to you with more details about how the spaceship works, the expedition system and space exploration.

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