About us

Ambitious games on a human scale

Our company

Creativity at the heart
of every project

At Mi-Clos Studio we particularly want to consider our games as works. We are proud to have succeeded in creating our own intellectual property, recognized many times, thanks to the care and creativity provided by our team. Today we all have the will to go further, towards more ambitious projects. The challenge is a motivation for us, and that is why we are ready to push our research and our discoveries, to bring the best of our creativity.

Sci-fi expert

All of our games have been inspired by science fiction, whether from books, comics or other video games.

Memorable visuals

We develop a unique and remarkable artistic direction so that it can carry with excellence, the emotions of each game


We develop our games based on the story we create, with the goal of being more immersive and meaningful.

Our story

  1. Creation of Mi-Clos Studio

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  6. x 15
  7. x 20
  8. Acquisition by Supernova

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Our team Management

Founded 10 years ago, Mi-clos has grown gradually until recently reaching 20 full-time employees for Out There: Oceans of Time.

Michaël Peiffert

CEO & Creative Director

Mélanie Cansse

Operations Manager

Julien Galibert

Art director

Franck Delfortrie

Game director

Léa Lebreton

Human Ressources Officer

We are always open to new people, whether they are junior or senior in the industry, because we believe that experience and talent can be shared at any age.
United by the desire to create real works, we all pay attention to the details and the quality of our work. At mi-clos, our personal differences are our strength as a team and we do everything to make everyone feel at ease in the studio.