Interview with Elian and Lilian, Gameplay Developpers at Mi-Clos Studio

After our post about space exploration in Out There: Oceans of Time, let’s talk with two gameplay developers and their task in the game creation process.

What does it mean to be a Gameplay Programmer? What role do you take in the space exploration creation process?

Being a Gameplay Programmer means creating rules within the game to make sure the code in the game will go in the intended direction planned by the Game Designers.
When tackling space exploration, we have to make sure the player can find the right planet at the right time, input randomized events, make sure travel costs a certain amount of resources…
However, our job is generally larger than just those tasks. Since we are a small team, we are also implementing the dialogues in the game or the change of screens between each loading time… We are like a wildcard of the studio!

What programs to you use?

We use Unity, as the game’s engine. We create UI there, camera angles, place elements on the map… Everything visual, really!

We also use Visual Studio to edit the code. It allows us to see the full code with specific keywords and color coded indications while we work on it. It makesit easier for us to navigate the whole game code.

Also, we work on WWise, a software used for sound. Charles, our Sound Designer, uses it to mix sounds.


What are the biggest difficulties you have encountered?

Ressource management in the ship. All the little menus, ones to move, foraging and mining… There were a lot of little hiccups here and there. We have to think of every little thing to make sure it matches the Game Designers vision.

If you were one of the aliens of Out There: Oceans of Time, which one would you be?

I like the Laxians.