Out there : Oceans of Time

Survive in space within Out There: Oceans of Time

In Out There: Oceans of Time you will get the opportunity to navigate through space to complete Nyx’ mission and explore this endless horizon to survive.

Spatial exploration will lead you from one place to another in hopes of retrieving resources. However, all planets don’t offer the same kind of earnings.

Rocky planets will provide you with Iron, while garden planets will offer Oxygen. Retrieve these valuable resources by going on expeditions or finding places to forage for them.

Gas planets can’t be scouted but you can probe them to collect Hydrogen and Helium, much like what you would expect to find inside stars. But be careful when probing those! They are highly unstable and will threaten the integrity of your spaceship.


In your journey, you will encounter civilized planets. Just like villages in garden planets, you can trade resources with the local alien inhabitants  through a bartering system. During those exchanges, you can also find technologies, modules and skills for your crew. That’s not all, you might also end up recruiting a new alien.

On those civilized planets, you can meet other ethnicities. They speak the language of the Gods. ou can learn various words from events in-game to better communicate with aliens and obtain bonuses.

During your exploration, you may come across black holes. You can only conquer them if you have the right technology. Scavenge abandoned ships and  participate in narrative events and discover more about Nyx and Sergeï’s grand quest within the Out There universe.


Space is dangerous and your choices have consequences. You can only count on yourself to survive!

Join the adventure on the 7th of April.

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