We are partaking in Gamescom 2021!


Last year, during Gamescom 2020, we released our very first demo of Out There: Oceans of Time. After a year of work and a growing development team, we are coming back with a new demo of approximately 8 hours of game!

Discover Nyx and Sergei, working together to transport the Archon, a powerful being they need to bring all the way to the Mausoleum of Eternity, a prison planet. The Archon successfully escapes and hides to the far borders of the galaxy, leaving our heroes to drift away in their escape pods. They wake up without ressources nor spaceships on an unknown planet. Thanks to their courage and intelligence, they are able to travel back in space. However, during their absence, the Archon was able to develop a new Republic, putting the whole universe in danger.

During Gamescom, you will embark on a journey alongside our heroes to stop the Archon, no matter the cost. You will follow their quest and their mysterious story, completed with cinematics and 3D/2D dialogues.

Out There: Oceans of Time will let you travel from planets to planets, stars to stars, to gather essential resources to survive in space. You will have the responsibility to manage your shop and crew, to be able to explore unknown planets.
Recruit aliens from different classes and use their skills in those dangerous explorations.
Discover new biomes and achieve your mission objectives.
Visit civilized planets to meet new aliens, hire them or trade with them.
Find abandoned ships to own them or dismantle them to upgrade your ship.
Meet unique characters and live an epic adventure!

Out There: Oceans of Time ensues from 3 years of work from a motivated and passionate team, listening to our community. Final stretch before the release of the game, our studio is very proud of the path they took and the work accomplished. Today, it allows us to participate in the Gamescom Award in the Best Indie Game category.

This year once again Gamescom will be 100% digital and takes place form the 25 to the 27 August. Don’t hesitate to join us on our digital stand, we will be happy to see you there!
Find all of the information about the event here:

Mi-Clos Studio Team