Mi-Clos Studio at Game Camp 2022

The 5th Edition of Game Camp was held in Lille on June 23rd and 24th. The whole Mi-Clos Studio team went there to participate in this essential meeting at the heart of the French video game industry.

The Game Camp is a professional event created in 2017 by the Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo (SNJV) and co-organized by Game In (a video game professionals association in the Hauts-de-France region). Our days were punctuated by conferences and workshops, which were an opportunity for video game professionals to get together, to present their projects, their upcoming games or their experiences or to attend meetings and lunches.

Photo by GameCampFrance

For Mi-Clos, this event was also a way to share some time together as a team since everyone in the studio was able to participate and take the trip to Lille. With the release of Out There: Oceans of Time on which we’ve been working for the past three years, it was important to take our minds off things for a few days and meet in a different setting. We took the train all together on Wednesday to enjoy a relaxing evening in Lille over a good meal and a karaoke night.


This trip took place in a festive but studious atmosphere since we attended many very instructive lectures . There was something for every taste and every trade. Thus, the developers attended a lecture on Crashes impossible to reproduce from Guerrilla Games; the game designers participated to The Solasta adventure  from Tactical Adventures and how the game went from table to screen; the 3D artists discovered more about the Art of Lizardcube; and the business and marketing team on How to protect your intellectual property, presented by Akeya. 


These two days were very intense, but the whole team was delighted with the experience and welcomed this brief interlude from our work on Out There: Oceans of Time. We came back with new knowledge and an even greater desire to develop the best games possible.