Kindness, curiosity, taste for adventure… Discover our values !

For several months now, we have been reflecting deeply on our values. Although these values are already anchored in our daily life at the studio, in our way of working, in expressing ourselves, and in our relationship with others, it seemed important to us to make them explicit. Here are the values that, since the creation of the studio 10 years ago, have shaped our work and our identity.


We are tolerant and respectful
We are inclusive
We communicate

At Mi-Clos, we believe that kindness is a driver of creativity. In order to keep our studio a healthy working environment for all, we advocate tolerance and communication. Everyone’s voice is respected.
Every day, we work hard to ensure that our employees feel free to be themselves and evolve in an inclusive environment. To do this, we take care to take into account the differences and needs of each individual. Our diversity is an asset: it allows us to constantly challenge ourselves to become the best version of ourselves.

More than words, our inclusiveness is felt every day. Today, women represent 50% of the studio’s workforce and are present in all areas. This balance is the reflection of deep work and the real will of the studio to change the mentalities of the video game sector.


We encourage artistic curiosity
We encourage a learning culture
We find new inspirations in everything

At Mi-Clos, we value curiosity because it encourages us to think outside the box. The experiences, knowledge, and passions of our collaborators are an invaluable asset to the studio. They allow us to question ourselves, challenge preconceived ideas, and bring a fresh point of view on video game design. To do this, we will strive to create a culture of learning. We see every experience, good or bad, as an opportunity to learn something new. Inspiration can come from the smallest of details, and we pride ourselves on being able to find it where you least expect it.


We have a growth mindset
We are creators of adventures
We are passionate

At Mi-Clos, adventure is twofold: the one we live on a daily basis, and the one we want our players to experience. They are intimately linked because without taking risks in the design process, it is not possible to create a stimulating and innovative game. We are convinced that in a constantly evolving industry such as video games, it is essential to cultivate the passion and taste for adventure that drives us.

Within the studio, there are as many adventures as there are employees. We make it a point of honor that everyone can grow as a person within the group. We’re all moving in the same direction, and on that journey, we’re all growing, each in our own way.