Interview with Mélanie, Business Developper at Mi-Clos Studio

Today let’s talk with Mélanie, our Business Developper at Mi-Clos Studio

What does it mean to be a Business Developer?

I manage top level strategy integrating finding funding for our projects and bringing them to completion with the CEO. I also take care of commercial partnerships and assisting the studio director in daily overall management.
My work has no impact, per say, on the game but it is important for our projects!

What are you the proudest of in Out There: Oceans of Time?

The  development of the team during the project. It was mainly composed of beginners when we started,they all improved and grew into their roles.

There are other things I am proud of, such as the choices made by the team, the artistic direction and the evolution of the game design.

If you were a species in Out There: Oceans of Time, which one would you be?

The Chicory (Chicoryalen) species, simply because I barely eat vegetables.