International Women’s Day


More than ever, the video game industry has to take responsibility for the subject of women’s rights and gender equality.

At Mi-Clos, our commitment is clear: we will not allow sexism, harassment, or any form of discrimination against women. It is thanks to this constant vigilance that we have succeeded in creating a healthy and inclusive work environment, with 50% women.

It is therefore with great pride that on this 8th of March 2023, we honor the women who, through their talent and determination, contribute daily to the success of the studio. Present in all the divisions, they are today an indispensable engine of creativity.

Because Mi-Clos would not be Mi-Clos without Alice, Anna, Coralie, Léa, Magali, Mélanie, Sarah, Valentine, and Virginie (and Nyx).

Thank you. 💫