Greentober, a month to raise awareness

October is coming to an end and with it the “#Greentober”
This does not mean that our ecological concerns should end.
Let’s recap our actions and our goals during this green month.


Like Pinktober (The Breast Cancer Awareness Month) or Movember (Prostate and testicular Cancer Awareness Month), the Greentober is an annual campaign designed to raise awareness and inform about the importance of the ecological impact of companies, especially in the video game industry.

It is thanks to Game Only that we became aware of the environmental issues of the industry. Indeed, this association offers workshops and conferences on topics such as reducing the carbon footprint, by pointing out the actions that each company can implement at its level.



On Thursday, October 21, Game Only organized a tournament inviting video game studios from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region to a Mario Kart competition.
To represent Mi-Clos Studio, our two challengers were Alice and Elian, encouraged by the rest of the team who came to the event. 

Just before the final stages of the competition and taking advantage of the presence of all the actors of the region, a conference was held to discuss the environmental issues of our industry.
Among the guests was Ambroise Raymond, representative of the association Ecodair, which reconditions computer equipment. This association and its values, which go beyond the ecological aspect, touched us. This is why we contributed to the donation campaign, which ended with the event. 

At Mi-Clos Studio, we are sensitive to this cause. That’s why we will progressively implement actions to reduce our carbon footprint in the upcoming years. 

We already sort and recycle our waste on our premises, furthermore, here are the objectives we would like to see achieved by the end of 2022:

  • Use a renewable energy supplier
  • Use reconditioned computers
  • Give a second life to our used computer equipment (thanks to Ecodair for example)