Out there : Oceans of Time

Discover and explore planets in Out There: Oceans of Time

In Out There: Oceans of Time, you can go on expeditions to discover different biomes. This additional feature allows you to manage your crew members and hone in on their specialities. It is unlike spatial exploration where you manage resources.

Going into an expedition allows you to progress the story, attempt new missions and level up your crew members.

Gather additional resources, necessary to build new modules and technologies on your spaceship. You can also trade them using the barter system in villages and inhabited planets.


To attempt an expedition, you need to scan a planet to reveal any  anomalies. repare your team composed of 4 crew members and send them out to explore the planet.
Each member possesses their own class, health points, action points and competences. Those statistics are created randomly when the character is generated, they will vary depending on their class, rarity and can be upgraded when the character levels up. 

Crew members all possess action points. You need to manage them carefully as once you run out, you won’t be able to use the character’s competences or make choices during the story.   During the story you can obtain  bonuses and rewards, which can be new crew members or unlocking a new story point. 

Once your team is ready, you can go explore! You will discover new biomes and randomized maps each time you attempt an expedition and you will encounter hazards: from the environment and story events. They can affect your party by giving them maluses or bonuses. Hence why the creation of your party is so important.


Will you be able to gear up your party to succeed in your expeditions?

Find out this Spring!

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