An Ambitious indie studio

    Mi-Clos is an award-winning independent studio, specialized in story-driven sci-fi games with memorable visuals and exceptional polish on PC, mobile and console. We developed 5 in-house games and we published 5 games.

    From a one man studio, to a 12 people team, Mi-Clos has grown organically over the last decade to reunite talents and create meaningful games. Our adventure is still going and we want to take our ambitions a step further by increasing the scope of our games, recruiting more talented people and becoming the Next Triple I Studio.


    • Out There Oceans of Time

      Platform : PC Release date : 2022
    • Sigma Theory Global Cold War

      Platform : PC, Mac, Linux Release date : 2019
    • Out There Ω Edition

      Platform : PC, Switch, Mobile Release date : 2015
    • Out There Chronicles

      Platform : Mobile Release date : 2016
    • Out There Ω The Alliance

      Platform : PC, Mobile Release date : 2014



    Join us !

    Over the past 7 years, the studio has grown gradually until recently reaching 12 employees, 70% of whom are women, united by the desire to create impactful games. We are looking for new talents to complete our team to develop ever more ambitious games.



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