MI-CLOS, An Ambitious indie studio

    Mi-Clos is an award-winning independent studio, specialized in story-driven sci-fi games with memorable visuals and exceptional polish on PC, mobile and console. We developed 5 in-house games and we published 5 games.

    From a one man studio, to a 12 people team, Mi-Clos has grown organically over the last decade to reunite talents and create meaningful games. Our adventure is still going and we want to take our ambitions a step further by increasing the scope of our games, recruiting more talented people and becoming the Next Triple I Studio.


    • Out There Oceans of Time

      Platform : PC, Mobile Release date : 2021
    • Sigma Theory Global Cold War

      Platform : PC, Mobile Release date : 2019
    • Out There Ω Edition

      Platform : PC, Switch, Mobile Release date : 2015
    • Out There Chronicles

      Platform : Mobile Release date : 2016
    • Out There Ω The Alliance

      Platform : PC, Mobile Release date : 2014



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    Over the past 7 years, the studio has grown gradually until recently reaching 12 employees, 70% of whom are women, united by the desire to create impactful games.
    We are looking for new talents to complete our team to develop ever more ambitious games.



    Mi-Clos Studio at Game Camp 2021

    On September 27th and 28th, the 4th edition of the GameCamp was held in Lille and Mi-Clos had the chance to participate.


    Our team is growing!

    We are very happy to welcome Lilian and Elian to Mi-Clos Studio. Gameplay programmers, they join our team on Out There:…


    Mi-Clos Studio will be present at Game Camp!

    The 4th edition of the Game Camp will be held on September 27th and 28th in Lille. Our team will attend the conferences and will…


    We are partaking in Gamescom 2021!

    Last year, during Gamescom 2020, we released our very first demo of Out There: Oceans of Time. After a year of work…

    Spaceships in Out There: Oceans of Time

    Let’s discover some of the ships from Out There: Oceans of Time After our articles about the biomes, Nyx, Sergei and finally the Archon, we…